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grow organic

produce soybeans and corn

produce sunflower oil

deliver organic сommodities

Agroindustrial Group Arnika — the biggest producer and exporter of own organic commodities from Ukraine, the second largest organic company in Europe.

We are certified in accordance with international, national and private organic standards and conduct our business in a sustainable and climate mitigated way.

Andriy Pylypchenko

Founder, Owner and CEO
Agroindustrial Group Arnika

Arnika was established in 2000 like a conventional agricultural business with key specialization in soybeans production and breeding. In 2004 we built the first soybean processing plant and established the Scientific research institute.

In 2012 I made a strategic decision to transform the whole company in organic business and implement sustainable agricultural practices on our fields.

Since that time, we reached almost 15 000 hectares of land being certified organic, that made us the second largest organic agriholding in Europe. We provide almost 53% of all soybean export volume from Ukraine to the EU, and are the biggest producer and exporter of corn from Ukraine.

We conduct long-term and favorable partnership with clients from Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America.

Today, we develop our business in such a way that we could generate economic value and simultaneously make a positive environmental and social impact. With our business we strive to contribute to the fair future of all inhabitants of our Planet. We would also like to set an example of a sustainable business, that operates in a large-scale organic agriculture and stays socially and environmentally responsible.

We are in organic, because for us matters, what footprint we leave for next generations. And that stays to be our guiding philosophy.

Organic production

Key agricultural crops
we are growing:
Corn Corn
Soybeans Soybeans
Sunflower (ho) Sunflower (ho)
Millet Millet
Chickpeas Chickpeas
Lentils Lentils
Flax Flax
Hemp Hemp
Arnika production units, Poltava region:
Poltava region
Agrofirm Michurina
Novomockowsk Agro
Shevchenko Agrofirm

Agroindustrial Group Arnika is a group of companies, that produce agricultural organic commodities, provide their storing and processing, conduct trade activities, implement R&D in breeding. On our farms we use 24/7 GPS-monitoring to provide the full traceability of production chain and unmanned technologies to maintain quality of all field operations.

Our products are certified in accordance with the following standards:
  • Sunflower oil
  • Feedstuff and ingredients
Why organic sunflower (h/o) oil?
Taste and price


Neutral characteristics, so the salad will smell like lettuce, not like oil. In terms of its properties it’s a complete analogue of olive oil, but costs cheaper, thus is affordable for consumers


Due to the high content of Omega-9 or oleic acid (80% +), the oil is oxidatively resistant, which significantly reduces the likelihood of carcinogens during frying; the highest content of vitamin E in comparison with other edible oils, which is a natural antioxidant, which helps to strengthen the immune system
Free from chemical substances & contaminations


Organic oil is crushed by an expeller (special press) or, more simply, mechanically. This guarantees the complete absence of traces of any harmful chemical components in the product
Efficient usage


A higher smoke point (260 degrees versus 170 for conventional sunflower oil) leads to a money saving. This oil type could be efficiently used in industrial scales, at HoReCa and for household needs
Why our organic sunflower (h/o) oil?

We produce

As of 2022 the overall organic production of high oleic sunflower was 12 500 tons

We process

We guarantee the highest quality and safety of our end product throughout the whole processing chain

We export

Our international trade offices - in the US and Switzerland - could offer you samples, the most efficient logistic and delivery terms


We fully control the production process and offer you the full traceability of the value chain
Sunflower oil production process:
In 2004 we launched the soybean processing plant with the capacity of 2 tons/hour of TEP-soya. This product is a complex product which contains 60% bypass protein and 70% bypass starch. It prevents cows’ ketosis and therefore excludes the need to buy supplements. TEP-soya provides a natural ratio of essential amino acids with oil energy, which is expressed in the maximum energy value required for fattening all major farm animals, poultry and fish.
Current capacity of soybean processing plant is 6 tons/hour and our key clients are Ukrainian animal husbandry farms.

We produce a range of other feed components, including sunflower cake and full-fat soya. The latter provides digestibility of protein more than 90%, high absorption of fats, high tocopherol content, excellent flavor qualities.
Year of establishment
Year of establishment
the soy processing plant was launched in 2004
Current capacity
Current capacity
the total capacity is 6 tons per hour
a range of other feed components, including sunflower cake and full-fat soya


We are exporting our organic goods to different countries:
Great Britain
Czech Republic
We are a global business that meets consumer demand for safe and quality organic products worldwide. Together with our trading partners from the EU, North America, the Middle East and Asia, we create sustainable supply chains and enhance the organic ecosystem.
Our trading companies are located in Ukraine (Arnika Organic), the US (Arnika Organic North America Inc.) and Switzerland (Arnika Organic Europe AG). A well-established logistics system allows us to offer customers the most efficient ways to deliver organic goods. We have worked out logistics for all types of transport, and the terms of shipments are negotiable.
Types of delivery
Sea shipments
Railway wagons
Air transportation
  • Arnika Organic North America
  • Arnika Organic Europe

Andriy Pylypchenko

Head of Arnika Organic North America Inc.

The U.S. is the largest market of organic food and beverages, that reached 49.5 bln EURO in 2020. The COVID-pandemic continues to change consumer habits, that are now based more on healthy and wellness choices. Thus the consumer basket has changed and lots of products of organic origin have found their place in it.

The evolving demand for organic foods will force more and more companies in the U.S. to transfer to organic and regenerative practices. Besides, lots of organic companies set ambitious decarbonization goals that make them even more environmental-friendly and responsible on front of the nature and their communities.

Arnika can be your reliable partner in the North American region. We offer our clients:

- transparent supply chain from Ukrainian fields to your warehouse in the U.S. or Canada,
- direct cooperation without intermediaries,
- deliveries that are done just in time and of top quality of shipped commodities,
- fair pricing and reasonable logistics.

We are interested in building trustworthy and long-term partnership with clients and consumers from the region.

Markus Schmid

CEO, Arnika Organic Europe AG

The European Union is the second-largest organic market in the world, that had 37 percent of the global market share (or almost 45 billion EURO in 2020). The EU market is also the biggest market for the Ukrainian organic commodities, thus lots of Ukrainian organic producers have developed their logistics and good relations with the EU partners.

Total imports of organic agri-food products in the EU have increased from 2.79 million t in 2020 to 2.87 million t in 2021 (+2.8%). And Ukraine plays one of the most important sourcing roles in those volumes. In 2021 Ukraine had almost 7% of the market, exporting 217 thousand tons of organic commodities. Arnika is one of the prominent players and has its own share in the «EU organic pie», exporting soybeans, corn, sunflower and lots of other products of high organic quality.

We offer our clients from the EU high quality organic commodities from trustworthy producers. We guarantee the full traceability of production and supply chains, and absolutely fair pricing for shipped commodities.

We believe that organic world is the world of highly motivated and trustworthy partners, that are building long term and sustainable partnership.

Our sustainability

for the environment


Сlimate change and biodiversity loss are considered to be top risks by likelihood and impact. By our actions we would like to mitigate climate risks and to push positive changes. Thus we are implementing projects to calculate and valuate our carbon footprint and to decarbonize our production and supply chains. We’ve also launched irrigation project to mitigate the current climate change and guarantee our existing conditions.
for the community


The heart of each business is its community. Annually we maintain various social projects to flourish and develop our community and their activities. Among such projects are support of local medical and educational institutions, sport and cultural events, various environmental and festive initiatives.
for quality


Reliability in partnership is priceless, traceability and transparency are vital concerns. We are taking full responsibility for the quality and safety of goods produced and shipped. We launch digitized projects in order to get one-click-data about our business processes. We also encourage our partners to get to know the company by onsite visits. By our products we are willing to ensure food security, nutrition, and public health.
for the future


We are the future-focused and forward-thinking company, thus we believe that with our everyday actions we could make a change and we are the last generation that has the chance to react on the global environmental challenges that our Planet is facing now. We are committed to Mother Nature, thus we develop regenerative agricultural practices and encourage others to start this path.
114k tons

of simultaneous storage

18k hectares

of certified organic land bank

40k tons

of exported organic commodities in 2022

almost50k tons

of produced organic crops in 2022

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